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I'm Łukasz Wiatrak. I live in Cracow, Poland with my wife. I'm software developer. I wrote my first program (a roguelike game) when I was 13. I specialize mostly in building ASP.NET MVC web sites, but I like to broaden my horizons (recently I've created a Windows 8 application). I love C#, F#, JavaScript and Python. I'm a big fan of clean, SOLID code. You will often find me refactoring and/or TDD'ing something. I'm also an INTJ and a lifelong learner (Currently I'm learning about Node.js and functional programming with F#). When i'm not in front of a computer, my hobbies include playing board games and trekking.

Daily Tasks

Windows 8 Store application

Productivity application for managing your daily tasks. It was in the store's top 1% most downloaded apps on Windows 8. The app was inspired by me previous project (see below).

Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, Jasmine, TypeScript, WinJS

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Habits Tracker

ASP.NET MVC web site

This is a website which helps you to track your daily repeating habits.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, NHibernate, BackboneJS, CoffeeScript

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